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5th Gen 4Runner Long Travel Suspension Upgrades

Toyota 4Runners are a reliable vehicle that can easily reach 200,000 miles. They can go even further if you follow a routine maintenance schedule and stay away from road salt.

But, what about if you want more off road travel? You may have to trim bumpers, fenders or mud flaps.

High Clearance

Whether your looking to build a high speed desert rig or more trail focused rock crawler the 5th Gen 4runner long travel kit gives you the ability to achieve both with a suspension package that is capable of being street driven daily. Camburg Engineering’s Toyota 4Runner long travel kit allows for up to 15″ of wheel travel which is more than enough for any off-road application.

One of the biggest problems with factory 4runner suspension is that there is more up travel than down travel. The 4Runner long travel kit addresses this by adding more drop out and bottoming out sooner which makes for a smoother ride off-road. This is especially important when running larger sized tires which would otherwise smash into the factory core support at full bump.

OE Street Drive-ability

The 2010-Current 5th Gen 4Runner is capable off-road right off the showroom floor. Aftermarket upgrades from ToyTec, Total Chaos, Spider Trax and Timbren allow it to reach even higher off-road capacities while still providing a comfortable highway ride with OE pavement manners.

For example, ToyTec’s 6112 and 5100 shocks are some of our best selling products because they provide significant handling improvements for the 4Runner with minimal sacrificing of ride quality. They’re the best option when you want to use your 4Runner as a daily driver and take it to the dirt on the weekends.

Camburg Engineering also makes a kit that adds 2″ of travel to the front and rear of the 4Runner without adding a fender extension. This kit utilizes factory mounting locations with longer control arms and 1″ uniballs.

Off-Road Capabilities

When equipped with a long travel kit your 4runner becomes an off-road capable vehicle. The increased suspension articulation provides better traction on rough terrain, while the improved ground clearance lets you clear larger obstacles with ease. Long travel suspension also enhances your jumping ability, so you can soar over rocks and other obstacles without fear of damaging your vehicle’s undercarriage.

JD Fabrication’s Total Chaos long travel kit was specifically designed to maximize off-road capabilities while maintaining OE street drive-ability. With this kit you are able to build either a high speed desert racer or a rock crawler/overlanding rig all while being able to comfortably street drive it on your way to work and back again each day.

This kit includes a full set of extended length sway bars, new upper and lower control arms with greasable ball joints and greasable tie rods. The front axle mounts have been modified to allow for more articulation. Factory rear diff drop kits and a 1″ uniball inner CV upgrade are also included in the kit to provide more up travel and a more stable ride off road.

The Toyota 4Runner is an ideal off-road vehicle and the addition of a long travel suspension system can greatly improve its performance. If you are looking to take your off-road adventures to the next level, then a long travel kit is an essential upgrade for your Toyota 4Runner.

Ultimate Performance

Whether you’re looking to go race your buddies on the dunes or just want to keep up with your friends as they hit the trails at Moab, the 5th Gen 4Runner long travel is for you. Camburg Engineering’s Total Chaos Long Travel Kit is built to give up to 15″ of wheel travel and includes everything you need for a full setup including upper and lower extended uniball control arms, upgraded trailing arms, adjustable remote reservoir shocks and extended length bump stops.


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